We design memorable brands, build beautiful websites and formulate marketing strategies that convert.

We are here to rescue you from the evil world of bad web agencies and uninterested freelancers, while making the internet less scary.

88 percent of small business owners we spoke with agreed that they were not happy with their web company.

(we polled 144 small businesses in Vancouver, B.C.)

It’s a story we hear all too often. Why is the customer experience SO BAD with web agencies and freelancers? Because, frankly… they don’t know better and sometimes DON’T CARE. Goatsocial was founded to buck the trend. Be different. Change the way you work with the web company you’ve trusted to build and improve your online presence.

We work with you to TRULY UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS. All relationships start with a phase of discovery. We listen, take notes, drink coffee and probably have some beers together. To build your online presence, we need to know your business as intimately as possible. This is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship. 

Goatsocial Client Experience

We’re kicking the trend of bad client experiences, and here is how we are doing it.


Relationships require nurturing and trust. We want to intimately know your business. We’ll take notes, pictures, rant and rave about what you’re looking to do. Once we’ve got a strong sense of your goals and aspirations, we’ll have a hug and move forward.


Lots of coffee and a really sexy wireframe to go with it. We’ll build a solid plan that will be executed with care and swiftness. Say hello to your new online strategy, with the strength of our team driving it forward (and occasionally off road for some fun).


Designing your online space to coincide with your brand. Building a beautiful, functional and scalable space to call your own. You’ll be the talk at your next business meeting, with the  most functional online space around. You’ll be left with a product you are proud to call your own.


Time to make it real. Secure, backed up and easy to find. Let’s put the plan and design in to motion, and get it out there. With a combination of one on one training, great web development and the solid plan we built together, your online space will be your new best friend.

Time to turn that fancy process in to something real. Grab a java and buckle your seatbelt. To the moon!

Goatsocial Process

We are a full service company. no more handoffs, confusion or communication errors.

No more having to provide a copywriter for your website, or photography for your social media. We handle it all. Stop hopping around between freelancers, wondering which one is going to take your money next (and leave you upset when they don’t deliver). Goatsocial finds the best people around. We take on the entire project and leave you with the online presence you were expecting from the beginning. Oh, and you’ll have a bunch of new friends!

Some of the cool things we do…

Goatsocial Design


Goatsocial Development


Goatsocial Strategy


Goatsocial SEO


Goatsocial Social Media

Social Media

Goatsocial Marketing


Goatsocial Team

Meet the team behind Goatsocial. A few fun, kick-ass people ready to give everything they’ve got to help your business grow.

Terence Sawtell

Vancouver, British Columbia

Bria Lear

Creative Director
Vancouver, British Columbia

Emma Harris

Designer & Developer
Toronto, Ontario

Amanda Farough

Designer & Developer
Vancouver, British Columbia

Alicia Carvalho

Vancouver, British Columbia

Mark Konig

Marketing Strategist
Vancouver, British Columbia

Jeremy Newcombe

Jeremy Newcombe

Vancouver, British Columbia

Heather Pennell

Heather Pennell

Visual Producer
Vancouver, British Columbia

Goatsocial Clients

Talking doesn’t win championships. Check out who we’re working with!

Jillian Harris
Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre
Calego International
Linda Stuart
Todd Talbot
Urban Fireplaces
The Clean Cup
Nail That Accent
Vancouver Founder Fund
Yoga Design Lab
Micah Markley
Kennedy Construction
Barbara Aleks
Joyride Vancouver
The Shop Vancouver
Petite Puf
Digital Darlings Creative
East Village
Smash & Tess
Courtenay Healing Centre
Mount Pleasant BIA

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