Angela Watson

Building a resource platform for Teachers


An organic network

Angela Watson has developed an internationally renowned reputation in the field of education. Through behavioral management strategies, teaching techniques and organizational tips, she provides a trustworthy resource hub for teachers everywhere. After 13 years of organically grown online content, Angela realized that she needed to refine her visual output into a more cohesive entity.

The cornerstone of a brand

Angela’s online blog is a highly successful avenue for reaching her audience and the main focal point of our rebrand. Initially named The Cornerstone of Teaching, we felt there was too much of a disconnect between the ideas she shared and the woman herself. Afterall, many people who visited the site had no idea of the books Angela had published or the podcasts she hosted. For that reason, Goatsocial set about developing an effective system of sub-brands under the Angela Watson moniker.

A family is born

Focusing on the key components of typographical hierachy and layout, We developed a universal language that could be used acros a broad range of sub-brands. The encompassing circle becomes the cornerstone of the logo and the type treatment inside differs depending on the sub-brand it is representing, all the while maintaining a strong top level look and feel.

Personable by nature

We used watercolour patterns to anchor the identity and provide a feeling of ‘homemadeness’. Over time, Angela has earned the trust of her followers as an open, honest and helpful person, and we wanted the brand to carry that forward.

“I thought I was doing okay, I didn’t even realise I needed a professional involved. But when social media started cropping up, visuals became far more important. Having a cohesive brand suddenly became critical to my success.”

Angela Watson

Professionalism personified

Angela Watson had built up an incredible reputation in a very distinct area of the market, but her own success had caught her off guard. She had no discernable identity and was at risk of halting potential growth. The resulting brand helped her establish a stronghold on her offerings, finally reflected her personal vision and created cohesion between her entire visual output.

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