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Love For The Locals

Continuum is a community owned telecommunications company serving Internet, Phone and Television service to 140,000 people across 3 counties in North Carolina. In a challenging business landscape, their team prides itself in being ultra-friendly, super-helpful, and very, very local. We were super excited to start working with the Continuum team and our friends Dave and Kelly to get things off the ground. The high-level goal of this project was not just to talk about how local they are, but to put individuals on their team front-and-center as familiar faces – the reaction from customers was overwhelmingly positive!

Demoing that Digital Debt

Digital experience has only recently become a priority for telecom companies, and it showed on their old site. They were suffering from a classic case of “Digital Debt”. In a small, board driven business, marketing initiatives a hard sell with their lack of tangible end state and after years of deprioritization, the Mi-Connection brand, website and marketing materials were outdated. When the team reached out to us, they were in the early stages of a rebrand from Mi-Connection to Continuum in an effort to upgrade their digital presence and better serve their customers.  

Dream Big, Start Small (town)

Continuum came to us with a hard launch date in mind, hoping to have their site ready for a big event they were hosting. We realized pretty quickly they needed more work than initially thought, and we couldn’t do all of it to the standard we wanted in time for their deadline. We instead made a plan to launch the site over a year, first prioritizing the three most important goals users have when visiting the site:

  1. The user needs technical support because their service isn’t working
  2. The user has questions about their bill or account
  3. The user just moved to the area and needs new Internet, TV, or Video Services

In later phases of the project, we swapped all-service layouts for individual service pages, made our lead generation funnels more user-friendly, and added extra tools to help users choose the best product for their needs. We’re currently working with Continuum to create a CRM strategy tailored to the specific needs of a local, community-owned telecommunications provider.

Business Services Up Front, Personal Services… also up front?

Continuum serves both residential customers and local businesses, and each required a site specific to that group of customers. Being a community-owned business, Continuum also has a pretty tight budget and are held accountable for how they spend it. Instead of designing two sites, we built a custom WordPress theme with modules that accommodate the needs of both customer bases, installed on two parallel sites that were easy to switch between and nearly identical from a management perspective. The parallel sites halved the design work, helped streamline the copy process, and allows Continuum to continue to develop specific strategies each customer base.

Next Steps

Since we started working with Continuum, they’ve seen a huge growth in community support and customer satisfaction. Their website is also directly responsible in a deduction in man hours lost to repetitive, non-value add work through tools like lead generation forms, email automation, better form segmentation and more.

We’re currently helping Continuum to establish a super-duper CRM strategy. In the future, we look forward to helping them hone their digital marketing efforts, expand and improve content on both of their sites, and infuse everything they do with the friendly, local, down-to-earth touches that make Continuum special.

"Choosing the Goatsocial team to create our new website was one of the best decisions we made during our entire re-branding initiative. Their expertise not only produced a fresh, current, and extremely user-friendly site that integrates our new branding flawlessly, they turned it into a lead generation tool as well. By incorporating really cool interactive features that invite visitors to explore our products, help decide what they need, and then communicate with us almost instantly, produces very warm leads. Plus, the friendly and responsive folks at Goatsocial are always thinking a few steps ahead so they know what you need before you do – priceless."

Ellen Baker - Director of Marketing

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