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Crafting an online presence for a new storage company

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Self storage made simple

FOXBOX Self Storage came about when a plot of land met a need for storage space in the Surrey community. Their facilities provide over 450 storage units, as well as underground storage for vehicles. With state of the art surveillance and accessibility, FOXBOX provides peace of mind and security for possessions without the hassle.

FOXBOX came to Goatsocial with space to store and a business plan, but no digital assets or brand other than their square logo. Starting from scratch, we took their logo and created a stronger and more developed brand identity from it. We then built an intuitive and efficient website, and crafted clever marketing to make self storage actually engaging and fun.

Brand creation through illustration

In creating a website and brand for FOXBOX, we needed a way to make self storage a little more fun, personal, and relatable. One of the challenges of a brand new business is the lack of history and story to play off of. Brand assets were next to none in this situation. The solution? Illustrations! The FOXBOX logo was already built around an animal, and through illustrations we were able to bring fox characters to life and create a narrative in the imagery.

A website to make you foxtrot

Across Metro Vancouver, homes are only getting smaller and space is crucial. That’s where FOXBOX comes in, with the goal to help people live more efficiently, and provide exceptional service to keep possessions secure. Goatsocial worked with FOXBOX to create a web presence that reflected this attention to high quality service and accessible, secure storage.

With a better idea of the brand and an illustrated approach to imagery, Goatsocial created a website that guided users to reserve units. The aim was to be easy to navigate, accessible, and light hearted.

Telling the storage story

FOXBOX Self Storage was a brand new business, and they needed Goatsocial’s help in spreading word about the newest and top of line storage facilities in Metro Vancouver.  After competitor analysis and audience research, we were ready to tell the world just how good FOXBOX was. Using illustrations and animations, Goatsocial made self storage look appealing to a reach of over 65,000 on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Goats and foxes and friends, oh my!

FOXBOX was a unique opportunity to support a brand new business as they grow and develop in our neck of the woods. With a better brand and a strong website,  FOXBOX is now off and running keeping customers’ possessions secure. All it took was a new website and a bit of marketing that features a new brand; now fully realized from head to (very fluffy) tail.


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