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Good old fashioned drag racing

Mission Raceway Park is a world class drag racing facility with the fastest track in the Northwest. Established in 1952, MRP is renowned for it’s racing history, highly experienced personnel, and record setting track times, but throughout North America, traditional Drag Racing has seen an overall decline in spectators. Younger generations in particular, are no longer experiencing the sound, smell and feeling of a nitro car flying down the track. Mission Raceway Park needed a way to modernize not only themselves, but Drag Racing itself.

A need for speed

Mission Raceway Park is more than just a track. They have 80 acres of beautiful British Columbia countryside, direct highway access, fully catered concessions, and built in washroom facilities- the perfect venue to host any outdoor event. MRP asked Goatsocial to help market one of their biggest races in 2018, but we realized that without a clear understanding of their brand vision, it would prove futile. Through research, we set about developing a brand benchmark for them to aim for, then launched a marketing campaign to see how this could be carried forward.

Drag racing is no drag

By uncovering the history, points of pride, and aspirations for the track, we imagined new directions for Mission Raceway Park. We positioned them as a creator of memorable experiences for the whole family, through exhilarating, heart-pumping, edge of the seat entertainment – and split our audiences into three specific demographics. Families in mission and surrounding areas, car enthusiasts from Canada and the US, and a younger crowd from Vancouver. Drag racing is for everyone, and we were determined to show people why.

Entering a digital landscape

Mission Raceway Park’s first foray in to selling tickets online, and with an average age of 60, the board had little experience with digital products. Goatsocial worked with their existing systems and staff to build out an efficient way to buy tickets through our marketing campaigns, one which would lend itself to speedy entrances and shorter lines on the day of the event. We also set ticket prices to encourage family purchases and weekend passes.

The campaign reached over 275,000 people, resulting in a 21% increase in attendance from the previous years event.

Time to hit the scales

Ticket sales for the Lucas Oil Canadian Open have been stagnant in previous years, presenting a unique challenge to us at Goatsocial. Layering in new technology and a fresh look at the MRP brand, we were able to help facilitate their first increase in attendance at this event in 4 years. As we continue to work with Mission Raceway Park, we will look at ways to carry their brand through the services they offer and the experience they provide.

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