Suite Genius

Building a brand for your cool, comfortable freelancing HQ.


A home away from home

Suite Genius is a community driven, co-working space for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Unlike bigger establishments, Suite Genius focuses on creating comfortable, convenient and community oriented working environments, with greater emphasis on architectural and interior design. After three years of bit-piece branding, Suite Genius asked Goatsocial to work on a far more cohesive identity, one that aligned with their company vision and the atmosphere they had developed through their co-working spaces.

The good ol’ days

Once upon a time people would live, work and play within a mile radius. Suite Genius prides itself on being at the centre of the community and the people that use it. Small, friendly and sociable, members feel good about using these spaces. Creatives of all areas come together, offer mentorship and forge long-lasting friendships. Goatsocial worked with Suite Genius to develop a market position that would establish them as the local, fun and beautifully designed coworking space.

Ain’t nothin’ but a g thang

Although unique, we realised that the existing ‘g’ logomark was not sustainable as an independent icon, given it’s weakness in portraying the values of Suite Genius. For that reason, we looked to develop a shape that would cement their position as a beautiful community space. One that represents collaboration between creatives of all kinds. A group of unconventional freelancing geniuses if you will. However, we should always remember our origins, so a unique ‘g’ now sits in the wordmark itself.

Patterns, patterns everywhere

With an already established interior design, Goatsocial worked closely with Suite Genius to develop a visual identity that would lend itself to the existing environment. It wasn’t a case of standing out, but blending in and supporting an architectural vision already set in motion.

“The visual identity really aligned with what we were offering. We put a lot of effort into the design of the space, and the logo perfectly reflected that. Although completely new, it felt like the brand was part of what we had already been developing over the past three years.”

Mitch Purdy, Owner.

Just the right fit

Suite Genius knew exactly what they were and why they were unique, they simply needed a brand which supported their vision and allowed them to focus on their customers. With a strategy in place, they are now expanding their current spaces and looking to grow into new communities. All the while, having a clear understanding of their core values and market positioning.

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