GS GOODS in the ‘HOOD: Coffee

By Kika MacFarlane
June 25, 2018

Pictured above: Julia & Terence enjoying (clearly, can’t you tell?) a latte and cookie at Elysian.


Sure web designers are experts on font specifics and lines of code, but our true knowledge base lies in scuffing out good coffee shops. Coffee shops are designers’ second home and second office, a place of refuge where we can bathe our lips in a sweet chai and meet fellow creatives and coders alike. With this information in our tool belt, we present: the freelancer’s guide to Mt. Pleasant coffee.


Best Place to Work: Aperture

With books lining the shelves and dark wood accents creating a homey, earthy vibe, Aperture creates the work environment that makes you want to put on your headphones, cozy socks, and go to town on your project. The community table is right by some great outlets, and the flow of traffic is quiet enough to reduce distraction. It feels like being in your parents living room: comforting, safe, nurturing.

  • Wifi: Free
  • Outlets: Yes
  • Coffee: 5/10, Pretty dark roasted


Best Coffee: Elysian

If you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee, we’d probably have to say Elysian. They are not messing around and know how to roast an espresso bean to light, caramel-y perfection. These guys are really the best around. We recommend the location on E 7th, it’s tucked away from main street and has great window spots. Sadly, unless you have work that doesn’t involve the internet, we recommend bringing a friend and talking (I know, imagine) or a good book- there’s no wifi or outlets.

  • Wifi: No
  • Outlets: No
  • Coffee: 10/10


Best Late Night Spot: Kafka’s

There’s a few others open late, but Kafka’s is probably the best coffee you can find open until 10PM. The vibes inside are quirky and artistic, with fun murals and local artists filling the wall. And, if you’re feeling like a treat, their hot chocolate is the most decadent thing my lips have ever touched. Like, I never knew it could be that good.

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Outlets: There is only ONE so be ready to battle.
  • Coffee: 9/10


Best Hidden Gem: Kranky’s

Kranky’s is a biased favorite because I live a few blocks away, but it truly has that hidden gem, tucked away, secret garden feel. It’s nice, small, and quiet inside, and there’s beautiful outdoor seating surrounded by ferns and other leafy greens.

  • Wifi: Yes
  • Outlets: Plenty
  • Coffee: 7/10


Best Coffee + Donut Combo: 49th Parallel

49th Parallel is probably the most popular coffee shop in the neighborhood, which means it’s good but it’s also crowded. It’s definitely worth a visit to try their delicious homemade nut milks in your drink, and the coffee is a nice light roast espresso. The also sell Lucky’s donuts which are just a little too good, if you know what I mean.

  • Wifi: Limited
  • Outlets: Limited
  • Coffee: 9/10


Best Lunch + Coffee: Railtown

Be prepared to spend $15 on the best salad or sandwich of your life. It will be very, very worth it. Railtown has some of the best lunch in the entire city, and when you can pair it with equally delicious coffee or a tasty treat (we recommend the coconut fudge oat cookie) then what is there to complain about?? It is nice and wide open for good airflow, but it is right on a busy intersection and can be loud and bustling to work in. Might be best to get it to go!

  • Wifi: Free but Finicky
  • Outlets: Not really
  • Coffee: 8/10


Best New Spot: Our Town

Our Town is brand!!! new!!! and very cute inside!!!! They serve delicious locally roasted coffee and make a great latte. They are open late and have some great breakfast options too. The floor plan makes for limited outlets, but there’s a few peppered around!

  • Wifi: Free
  • Outlets: 3-4 Accessible
  • Coffee: 9/10


Best Aesthetic: Gene

Gene Coffee is right at the corner where Kingsway and Broadway meet, and is ridiculously cute in it’s long-skinny-corner shape full of bright windows. At the very end of the corner is the perfect table surrounded by rounded windows. We recommend working on a very important project or, perhaps, starting a career as a novelist as you stare out at the bustling intersection populated by skaters, stick-and-poke tattoo artists, muralists, and vegans. Ahhhh, Mt. Pleasant.

  • Wifi: Free
  • Outlets: Accessible along on the bench
  • Coffee: 5/10, dark roast


Most Hipster/Alternative: The Federal Store

The Federal Store is cool. You’ll probably walk inside and feel a little weird that you didn’t order a beetroot latte and bring some Dostoevsky to flip through while you’re there, but you’ll love it anyways. They have the best selection of plants, and most are for sale! Sadly, no wifi, but the feeling of assimilating with people out of your league of coolness will probably make up for it.

  • Wifi: No
  • Outlets: No
  • Coffee: 8/10

Kika MacFarlane

Design Intern

Kika is our visual design intern and semi-self-appointed chief fun officer. Kika grew up in the mountains of Colorado, and made her way to BC to study at Quest University Canada, focusing on mathematics, human-centered design, and social psychology.